The inspiration behind this novel was some plagues that hit Oran before. The stories in the novel are from the choleric epidemic and bubonic plague. The author has shown these epidemics more extreme and deadlier. The book is considered existentialism.

The author describes the plague as a natural equalizer as it has no preferences and no targets. The plague comes and takes everyone with it whether someone is poor, rich, evil, innocent, religious, atheist or anyone else everyone is going with this nature’s marvel. The author emphasizes that despite so much horror, wreckage, and devastation this natural phenomenon teaches or at least makes people survive whether they try or not. The author also discusses the reaction of the people at this difficult time of life as not everyone reacts the same in such a harsh atmosphere.


The plot and the setting of the book are very interesting that takes its readers through an unforgettable ride of horrible incidents and events happening in an infected city. Everything Is kept in perfect order and pattern that makes sense altogether. The book is easy to understand. The writing style is very unique in that it helps the reader to develop an emotional connection with the book and he can experience those horrific incidents taking place in the book.

The book is a masterpiece in French classic literature. It is recommended to everyone interested in fictional novels that are inspired by real-world incidents but are described in a fictional way. You can get the ebook pdf free from below: