Pride of Baghdad pdf free download is a fiction and graphic novel written by an American comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan. The novel perfectly describes the horror of war-torn cities through its glorious and stunning illustrations and pictures, the best a novel can give.

Plot and main information

Based on true events, this amazing novel takes its reader through an amazing journey of 2003 Iraq. The increasing United States’ bombing raids have torn and destroyed the city of Baghdad. The streets are devastated, and the buildings are shattered. There is destruction everywhere. The air is full of dust and smoke. There are screams and horror, and a ravage is haunting the streets.

The story covers a devastating and hard journey of the four lions that escaped the zoo’s horrors terribly and severely affected by the bombings and attacks from the United States.

What the novel gives


The comic novel is a masterpiece in itself. The author has written the novel in an amazing and unique way that makes it engaging and intriguing. The comic perfectly describes the hardships and the struggles a living being, including humans and animals both, have to face and what they go through during the hard times of wars and destructions.

Illustrations and layout of the book

The author has perfectly described the scenes of the war and how it can affect anyone. The comic’s visuals and illustrations are stunning and extremely graphic, creating a perfect image of the comic’s horrific happenings in the comic. It also creates an emotional relationship with the reader giving him a better experience.

The design and the layout of the book are simple yet amazing. The events and the plot is designed and placed in a sequence that takes its reader through a pattern of horrific events.

This graphic novel is one of the best-designed novels. With so much in it that can instantly create an emotional relationship with the reader, this book always remains in the unconscious of the reader. You can get ebook pdf free from here.