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The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi pdf free download, in general, this book is related to martial arts the writer of the book is a Japanese martial arts trainer. The book is written in the Japanese language in 1645. Later on, translated into various languages all over the world. This book is a great asset for martial artists. The author of the book mainly focuses on the practices. He didn’t believe in excessive technical skills of swordsman and martial artist. A good type of practice makes him perfect.

Moreover, the most important thing is cutting down the opponent. Reading his psychology and his stunts. Also, just reading and learning skills will never give you nothing you should make more and more practice. Although it is difficult to understand the book from original context and language. But he says that there are different elements of fighting and different techniques regarding sword and battle. As the human being is made up of different five elements. The book has five main chapters defining these elements.


First chapter of the book is Earth the strategies listed in this chapter are related to battlefield and weapons, field weapons and indoor weapons and their tactics. The 2nd chapter book of the water concerns strategy, spirituality and philosophy. As water is transparent and we can transform it in any form and shape in this regards we take meaning of flexibility. Moreover, the third chapter is about fire referring to fighting methods and techniques in broadways. the next and 4th chapter in the Wind, it concerns about the methods of today.

This means the situation and conditions according to current situation possibilities. Further, the last chapter is the Void deals with the nature of human beings philosophically and also deals with the things that couldn’t be seen. The author of the book Miyamoto Musashi was a Japanese swordsman, fighter, trainer, and writer. he was popular due to his dual sword techniques. He is known for his book “The Book of Five Rings”

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