Save The Cat by Jessica Brody pdf free download

Save The Cat,Save the Cat summary

Summary: Save The Cat by Jessica Brody Save the Cat! It was actually written for screenwriters but it works perfectly for novel writing. Last year Jessica Brody released her companion book, Save the Cat! He writes a novel and I highly recommend it because it extends from the original book and breaks the plot of […]

Alice in Wonderland pdf free download

Alice in Wonderland,Alice in Wonderland Full Movie

Summary: Alice in Wonderland Charles Lewis Dodgson better known by his pen name Louis Carroll was the author of children’s fairy tales, especially the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland and its sequel to View-Glass. He was noted for his structure in play, logic, and fantasy. Depending on the genre of so-called nonfiction books, some of […]

The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare pdf free download

The Merchant of Venice,The Merchant of Venice Summary

Summary: The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice was written by an eminent Elizabethan composer, William Shakespeare, between 1596 and 1598, which is a comedy that explores the themes of love, money, prejudice, and social injustice. The play is classified as a comedy because it shares the basic fundamentals of every […]