It is admittedly important for every student to make use of textbooks, whether digital or physical copies. It is also true that digital learning has been on the rise, with more students and educational institutions opting for e-books over printed books.

For students buying e-books is almost the same as buying printed books. Thanks to the Internet, you do not even need to come out of your house. You just search for your book and pay online, after which it is either delivered to you or you can download the book in the case of e-books.

However, if you are an online student, you will still need textbooks to help with your studies. We will show you why. You may also need access to quiz answers which you can get at

Now let’s dive in.



As an e-learning student, you probably have a part-time job, or to study better, you go to your local library. Would you want to carry a whole load of books? Probably not. Your best option is to get the e-book versions of your class textbooks.

They can be accessed via phones, tablets, or laptops, making them a convenient and portable option for you.

Afterwards, you can even study while traveling or at the beach. Totally your choice without having the inconvenience of physical books. It is even better if you have many different volumes of the same textbook. With an e-book, you can access all of them without stress.

Saves Space

Another benefit of e-books is you don’t need a lot of storage space for them. With physical books, you probably need a shelf to put all your books in an organized manner. E-books will solve this problem for you as all the storage you need are on the device you will be using, which will not be much.

If you have used an e-book, you know you only need about a terabyte of storage space to store hundreds of books. How convenient is that?

Assessments Are Easy

Textbooks often have end-of-chapter quizzes to test you on what you have learned. However, you need to finish the chapter first. If your program is heavily theoretical, this might take a while, allowing important information to become dispersed.

However, for e-books, self-assessments and end-of-chapter quizzes are all over the book, which helps you firm up on anything you are studying. Because of the ease of access, you can quickly see your results and go back to relearn any concepts you missed.

The Search Function


Have you used a printed book before? Then you probably know that to search for a particular concept, you need to know the keyword, look it up in the index section, and then flip to the page on the index entry. A long, tedious way to find what you are looking for.

With e-books, however, you need to run the find command prompt and type in your keyword. Within seconds, you will have all the possible results of your search. Then all you do is verify if it’s the information you need.

Interactive Learning

Another reason e-books can enhance learning is all the features of interactive learning can be applied. Animation, graphics, music, and voice explanations can all be used in an e-book to help learners understand content better. Visual aids are way more engaging than print and students show higher retention when using animated books.

With an e-book, you can annotate, highlight, or voice read which may help you understand your course much better.

Ease of Updating

Additionally, authors will find it easy to update e-books as compared to printed books.

For printed books, a whole new edition would have to be printed in case you have new information to add or to change information. This takes time and money, and there is a risk that some students will only access the older version, which is obsolete.

An e-book is stored on the cloud and, as such, can easily be updated.

Saves Environment

Did you know that about 24 trees are needed for one ton of paper? According to this article, about 50 % of a tree ends up as waste. But if students need a printed book, trees are needed. However, if you were to go for e-books instead, the printing process is eliminated.

You would be getting the same book with the same information but with fewer carbon footprints. In a way, you would be conserving the environment.

Use of Augmented Reality


This is an added benefit of using e-books. Augmented reality (AR) makes use of the technology of 3D images. All you will need is an AR-enabled device, and you can turn any diagram or symbol into a 3D image. The experience is immersive and could be the difference between you retaining knowledge or not. This might be a new technology in education, but it is becoming more popular.

Easily Available

Ever had a time when you needed to buy a specific book and all the bookstores had it listed as out of stock? It is very annoying, not to mention an inconvenience. Sometimes, you will have to pay more because the supply is limited. Or have it shipped from another location which might be expensive for you.

With e-books, all you need is to download it and start singing. And if there is some cost to be incurred, it is minimal compared to the worth of the book. You can then start using it immediately and carry it wherever you go.

Offers Customized Learning Experience

Finally, one of the advantages of using technology and e-books in schools is that they assist students with different learning abilities to learn better. Some students struggle with print. These students would however learn better with the use of immersive technologies. An e-book finds it easy to incorporate all these technologies to enhance the learning experience of all students.

Wrapping up


If you were in any doubt about how books help with the learning experience, now you are informed. And deciding on using e-books could be very helpful to you too.