Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail pdf free download is a nonfiction and adventure memoir written by American novelist Cheryl Strayed. The amazing book peaked at number one in New York Times Best Seller list. The book covers the mesmerizing self-discovery journey of the author on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Plot of the book

The book contains the 1 to 100-mile journey experience of the author. The author traveled through California and Oregon to Washington. The author describes her flashbacks before her journey into the wild. The author was 22 when her mother died of cancer. After her mother’s death, she remained distant from her siblings. She got divorced, and later her boyfriend introduced her to heroin. To overcome her struggles and depression, the author set out to experience what she has never experienced before.

Design of the book

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The book is divided into five parts. Each part further contains chapters. The chapters contain the explanation and the great adventure of the author.

The author has very amazingly described her adventure. The struggle and the physical challenges the author faced during her journey are very well explained. The events are explained, keeping tiny details in mind and described in detail.

Writing style

The novel is amazingly written. The level of detail in the book is at its peak. With so much explanation of the happenings and every tiny bit in the story gives the reader an unforgettable experience.


The illustrations are so well described that they create the perfect images of the action and incidents happening throughout the story.

Why this book ?

The author has kept the writing unique and straightforward that it is easily understandable by the reader and that it can give the reader an experience that he can remember. The ideas for the plot and the incidents in it are fascinating. You can get ebook pdf free from here.