Mystery Method by Erik Von Markovich pdf free download One of the most admired men in the world of seduction teaches average guys how to approach, attract, and begin intimate relationships with beautiful women. For every man who always wondered why some guys have all the luck, Mystery, considered by many to be the world’s greatest pickup artist, finally reveals his secrets for finding and forming relationships with some of the world’s most beautiful women.

Mystery gained mainstream attention for his role in Neil Strauss. He developed his unique method over years of observing social dynamics and interacting with women in clubs to learn to overcome the guard shield that many women used to deflect come ones from average frustrated chumps. Give more attention to her less attractive friend at first so your target will get jealous and try to win your attention.


Always approach a target within three seconds of noticing her. If a woman senses your hesitation her perception of your value will be lower. Don’t be picky. Approach as many groups of people in a bar as you can entertain them with fun conversation. As you move about the room positive perception of you will grow. Now it is easy to meet anyone you want. Smile. Guys who don’t get laid, don’t smile. Erik Von Markovich has famously known by his stage name the mystery.

He is a Canadian pickup artist. He developed a system to attract women known as the mystery method. Moreover, he had made many popular magic performances in Las Vegas, Toronto, and Hollywood. He is also a writer TV personality and an Illusionist He wrote this famous book to attract women to his bed. Further, he is the founder of a tv show known as VH1.  

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