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The power of positive thinking pdf free download is a theological book. Its theme relates to the teachings of the bible. the book describes the importance of inner peace and mental health. The writer Norman Vincent Peale used the techniques usually involved visualization and affirmation. A peaceful mind plays a healthy role in someone’s personal life. Reading inspirational notes, books and incidents give you a satisfaction that makes you happy.

Moreover, to achieve something better in life you should be consistent and motivated. Also, if your mind and thinking aren’t clear and your doubtful about what are you going to do then how you will make an impact on your work and business. This book starts with ten rules stating as: the first one is picture yourself succeeding, 2nd is thought positive to drown out a negative thought, 3rd one is minimizing obstacles as much you can clearance of mind.


The 4th rule does not try to copy others as the people doing around you try something different. 5th rule is about trust upon God, we can do this if God is with us. The next is always to consult a counselor who can guide you and motivate you properly. Moreover, 7th rule is always self-belief, you should be self-confident that I can do this nothing is impossible in this world. I would like to explain positive thinking with example.

It is like your brain is a garden that you sow will grow. If you think positive it will impact positive and if you think negative this will make nasty things. Overall, this book is good to read, it remains New York Times’s bestseller for 186 weeks. Moreover, it is translated into more than 40 languages around the globe. The author Norman Vincent Peale graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University. Also, he is the co-founder of the magazine Guideposts.

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