Fundamentals of Physics pdf free download written by an American Physicist David Halliday. This amazing book is a Science self-help masterpiece that will help you understand the basic and essential concepts of Physics and how it works, and what its applications are.

Layout of the book

This unique book is divided into forty-four chapters. Each chapter describes some critical and basic theories, laws, concepts, formulas, and foundations of Physics in super detail. Some very major ideas that paved the path for Physics to flourish are explained in detail. This helps the reader to understand the background, base and history of these significant Physical concepts and how they instantly changed the world and affected our lives.



Everything is explained with the help of many examples from our daily lives that help the reader understand those concepts and understand how Physics is related to our everyday life and how it affects and can affect later.

The author has used many beautiful and stunning illustrations to describe the formulas, theories, derivations, and basic physics laws. The graphs and diagrams related to the topics help the reader better understand the specific idea and law concept.


The book is very well written. Each and every concept, theory, and related information is extensively and simply explained. With so much information in it, the book explains the primary and main Physics’ concepts. The language of the book is easy and straightforward that Is understandable for the reader. The ideas are very quickly written, where things are explained and described in detail. The chapters give every tiny bit of essential information regarding Physics and its significant and fundamental, universal rules and laws.

Other information

One of the most incredible statistics books for the people who want to study Physics, why it is studied, how Physics is used in everything and humans’ daily life and work, and get a better understanding of this branch of Science. You can get ebook pdf free from here.