The Prince and the Pauper pdf free download is a classical literature novel written by American author Mark Twain. The story talks about two young boys born on the same day and who look identical, but one is a pauper, and the other is a prince.

Plot of the novel

Tom Canty is born in a poor family that lives in the Offal Court in London, whereas Edward Tudor is born in the Royal family and is a prince. Once, when Tom is wandering around the palace, he is caught by the guards who are about to beat him, but Edward saves him.

They both meet each other and are fascinated to see the jaw-dropping similarity between them. They are also stunned to hear the different lives they live. They instantly become friends when they came to know that they are born on the same day.

They used to switch places to experience two different lifestyles. Edward could dress like Tom and look like an ordinary boy, and Tom could dress like Edward without getting caught.


Once Edward hid the Seal of the United Kingdom and left the palace to explore. He barely escapes the brutality of Toms’s alcoholic father. On his escape, he meets a soldier and tells him that he is the prince. The soldier humors him and becomes his protector.

They came to know that the king had died and Edward will become the next king. At the palace, Tom, dressed as Edward, is trying his best to look like Edward. The palace staff asked Tom about the Seal, but he can’t answer as he doesn’t know where it is. When Edward reaches the palace, everyone is stunned by the similarity, and Edward is crowned the next king.

Why this book ?

It perfectly describes the beautiful events that happened throughout the plot. Human life’s significant aspects, struggle, sorrow, hard times, love, hard work, and victory, are beautifully described and represented.

The novel takes its reader through a fantastic ride with many twists and turns full of thrill, drama, emotion, and action. You can get ebook pdf free from here.