Watership Down pdf free download is an adventure novel by an English author Richard Adams. It was the author’s debut novel that won some book awards, including the prestigious annual Carnegie Medal and also the annual Guardian Prize. The book is about rabbits who live lives in their environment. Just like humans, they have family, feelings, mythology, language, system, and society. They have lost their home and are set on a thrilling and amazing journey through the wildland full of predators and harmful creatures to find a new peaceful house.

Story of the novel

The story is set in southern England in Hampshire. Here a bunch of rabbits live generally in their burrows when once one rabbit sees the destruction of their burrows. With Hazel’s lead, the group travels far away through dangerous lands in search of a new home. First, the group meets another rabbit who invites them in his warren, where one of them smells suspicion and later comes to know the reality. At last, they reach Watership down a hill, and a perfect place for these rabbits to settle and start a new free life. Throughout the journey, they face many dangers and attacks. They also help and invites new and previous fellows of the prior warren, creating a warren of their own at Watership down.

Plot and illustrations

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The plot of the book is very engaging and fun. By its incredible story and real-life aspects can quickly gain the attention and interest of the reader. The book’s incidents and happenings create an emotional relationship with the reader’s mind and emotions, leading him to get a breathtaking view of the book.

Other information

Watership Down can be read by anyone regardless of his age and interests. This book contains everything from rabbits’ secret life, harsh society, and carelessness of man for nature to some significant aspects of our lives like friendship, survival, and care. You can get ebook pdf free from here.