Sons and Lovers pdf free download is classic literature and romance novel written by the English writer D. H. Lawrence. This sensational work by the author describes the power the mother’s love has for her children, with a fantastic story to explain affections, satisfaction, and love.

Plot of the novel

The story starts as Gertrude Coppard, a girl from a good and wealthy burgher family, meets a rough and hardworking miner Walter Morel at a Christmas party. They fall into a physical romance and ultimately got married.

After their marriage, Gertrude realizes the difficulties of her married life for Walter’s low salary and a rented house. They fight and stay away. Walter goes to pubs after work every day. At home, Gertrude’s affections shifted towards her sons, beginning from her elder son, William.

William, as a child, loved her mother, and as he grew older, his affections got stronger and intense. He, at some points, saves and defends her mother from his father’s violence.


After some time, he leaves their home town for London for a job. After some time, he starts living in the middle class and gets engaged. At home, Walter died, and Gertrude feels alone and heartbroken. Her younger son Paul catches pneumonia, and her affections shift towards him, and he gets closer to her.

As Paul grows older, he wants to experience romance and falls in love with Miriam. They went for long walks and talked about books. Paul refused and left her because his mother asked him. He meets a new woman Clara and falls in love with her. She is exciting and believes in woman power. Clara is more passionate physically, but Paul leaves her too. After her mother’s death, he is left all alone.

Other information

The book is a masterpiece that describes the love and affection between a mother and her children. The storyline is fantastic that takes its reader through a fantastic ride. You can get the ebook pdf free from here.