Memoirs of Geisha pdf free download is a fiction novel written by American author Arthur Golden. The best-selling book is based on the life of a young girl working in Kyoto, Japan, to become a Geisha.

Plot of the novel

The story is told in the first-person perspective, telling the story of a young girl named Chiyo. Chiyo and her elder sister are sold by their parents to work in the entertainment districts of Kyoto. At this time, Chiyo is only nine years old.

Chiyo’s elder sister being less attractive is taken to a brothel, and Chiyo being more beautiful, is taken to the geisha boarding house where she meets two aunties and one mother.

Chiyo discovers her elder sister’s address and escapes to meet her but returns back to the house with her sister. They are punished, and Chiyo tries once again to escape, breaks her arm, and gets caught. After some time, she learns about her parents’ death through a letter.

After some years, Chiyo meets a stranger who gives her a handkerchief and some money known to her as chairman. She donates the money to a shrine and keeps the handkerchief. Mameha, another prominent geisha, becomes Chiyo’s mentor and older sister.


Chiyo later becomes a maiko with the name Sayuri. Sayuri is introduced to that chairman and his best friend Nobu, and some other prominent men. Sayuri is then promoted to fully-fledged geishahood, where Nobu tries to become her Danna.

During the war, the businesses are closed, and everyone is sent to work in factories. Sayuri seeks help from Nobu and goes up North. After the war, Nobu visits her and asks her to come back and entertain the new minister.

Sayuri meets the chairman in a teahouse where she confesses her feelings for him, and the chairman admits he always knew she was the girl he met the other day on the street.

Sayuri retires from the geisha work, relocates herself to New York City, and opens her own business of a teahouse to serve the Japanese men in the United States.

Why this novel ?

The perfectly describes the beautiful events that happened throughout the plot. Human life’s significant aspects, struggle, sorrow, hard times, love, hard work, and victory, are beautifully described and represented.

The novel takes its reader through a fantastic ride with many twists and turns full of thrill, drama, emotion, and action. You can get ebook pdf free from here.