Bless Me, Ultima pdf free download is a magical realism novel written by an American author Rodolfo Anaya. This Premio Quinto Sol-winning novel perfectly describes the Hispano culture of people residing in New Mexico using two main characters Antonio, a boy, and Ultima, a curandera.

Story and plot of the novel

When  Antonio is seven years old, his parents bring in a curandera in their home in the small town of Guadalupe in New Mexico to give her shelter. She starts to live with the Márez. The adult Antonio explains his story from his memories. The Márez family respects Ultima as a significant person among them. Ultima has all the powers of wisdom, healing, how to use power, the perfect balance between nature and soul, and the cure that a curandera must have and that she inherited from her ancestors.

Antonio’s parents are worried about his future, and they want him to continue the family’s legacy, but the parents are from different families. Antonio’s father is Márez, who roam llanos and seeks adventure, whereas his mother is from Lunas, a bit religious and Roman Catholic. His mother wants to see him becoming a Roman Catholic priest, and his father wants him to go on adventures and discover. Seeing this, Ultima takes the responsibility of his future on her. This creates a strong bond between Ultima and Antonio, and he learns a lot about the herbs and barks Ultima uses to cure and heal.


Once Antonio sees the death of a man who comes back from war, that makes Antonio question his religion and identity. His first communion does not satisfy him, so he learns about the concept of oneness from Ultima. The “all is one” vision helps him fight major existential conflicts.

Antonio sees a murder done by Tenorio, a local barber and saloon keeper. Tenorio plots his revenge on Ultima because he thinks Ultima cursed her daughter, and she died. Antonio is confused between her father and mother’s legacy and decides to create a new religion combining both.

Other information

The writing style of the book is unique and simple. The storyline represents an essential culture among Spanish people. Its influencing concepts and inspiration are a must-read for everyone. You can get the ebook pdf free from here.