The One Minute Manager is a short book written by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Ken Blanchard is famous for his ability to make seemingly complex tasks easy. On the Works of Hope! He brings his talent to bear on a complex and timely story. The book starts with the concept – in this case, it is a story about a dog and a cat with serious trust issues. Spencer Johnson (born January 1940 in Mitchell, South Dakota) is an American author of several children’s books and self-help books. Johnson is best known for the book Who Moved My Cheese?

The story begins with the main character, called only “this guy,” who searches the world for different bosses in different business settings, meeting managers divided into two categories: “target results” or “people-oriented”. ”This dichotomy is surprising, as one group of leaders uses powerful, indirect tactics in a way that reinforces the subtlety and comfort of employees but produces desirable results. On the other hand, another group of leaders is friendly and warm, prioritizing the happiness of their employees but often missing out on the most beneficial goals. The young man feels discouraged, seeing the flaws in those tight ends.


He continues his quest until he becomes a famous leader – known simply as “The Manager” – who welcomes the young man to his office. From there, the Manager takes her as a student, leading her through a series of lessons with the staff who teach her the Three Secrets to One Style Management – the leadership style used by the Manager to lead with effective results and employee satisfaction. From the outset, it is clear that the manager has invested in his staff and is encouraging and inspiring during mentoring and promotion.

He has more free time than one business leader would expect – meeting with his team on Wednesday mornings, and then letting them work independently to pass the rest of his time – and the aura has intrigued young man. Conceivably, he also examines the art of Management philosophy, until the Manager decides to give the young man a list of employees to talk to. From there, the story divided into three main sections of One Minute Management.

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