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The last wish by Andrzej Sapkowski pdf free download is a proceeding story of Witcher Saga that is a collection of two short stories. Andrzej Sapkowski is a polish writer. He is the author of this book. This book published in the Polish language in 1993 and later on in 2007 translated into English into several other languages.  The story plotted in Poland; it has seven parts like seven short stories. A TV series is made in this book named “The Witcher” by Netflix network and directed by Tomasz Baginski contains 8 episodes.

The story of the book starts as a Witcher, a person who kills and fights with monsters was sleeping in an old fort. He sees flashbacks of his past. Where he was trying to find his place in this world. Where people can accept him as their part. He fights with monsters to protect the people from monsters and gets his reward. The king of temeria the Foltest offers an award for a man who can uplift curse from his daughter.


In the 2nd chapter, he saw two dead bodies and enter in a temple. Where he saw a girl watching at him. But he enters the temple where he saw an old king, cured by someone. He told him that you to kill that girl. Renferi and he will be awarded but that wanted to take revenge from him. In the next episode “A Question of price” he goes to Queen Calanthe where she asks him to kill some but he says that is not his job.

He was in a banquet of her daughter that is interrupted by a masked person. Who claimed that Taveera belongs to him. Andrzej Sapkowski is a Polish writer who was born in 1948 and studied economics. He is famous due to this book. this book translated into 20 languages.

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