The Goldfinch by Donna Tart pdf free download, this novel was published in 2013. This was her 1st novel after the little friend 2002. The novel has won many honors including Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014. The story of the novel is about the coming ages. How to get progressed in the future and about survival. The guy Theodore Decker was abandoned by his father and his mother got killed in a terrorist attack, but he survived.

This guy later on adopted by a wealthy family of his friend. He was living happily. Suddenly, a turn comes in his life when his father comes there with her new girlfriend, and asked him to go to Las Vegas with him. he headed with him carrying his painting. The guys make new friends and start living there. He and his friend both were missed by their fathers, they spent most of their time drinking, smoking, sleeping, marijuana, and other illegal drugs.


After a few days, his father died in a car accident while he was fully drunk. Then he decided to return to New York. He stays with Hobie and starts a business with him. After a few years, he became his business partner and conceals his antique painting. he engaged to Pippa in childhood and still was unsure about his love. Moreover, he provides guidance and saves Hobie from fake bankruptcy. His friend Boris leaves him by taking his painting.

He was alone in the hostel room. But, after a few days, he returns and told Theo that he has called the antique police and handed over the painting. in return, they awarded him with money. Which he wants to share with Theo. Now his life was good, he was waiting for Pippa to express his love. But, he was unable to do that. They both were the same because they survived in trauma.

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