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Outliers: Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell pdf free download is a non-fiction book. this book is related to the journey of a successful man to his destination. Which lines and ways he has adopted and how hard-working was he? Also, different factors that play a key role in being successful are discussed in this book. he has defined how bill gates became a business tycoon and Jeff Bezos build his Amazon empire.

Moreover, he made various experiments, and to support his statement he provided an example of Canadian Ice Hockey players. Why most of them born in 1st few months of the year. A few more examples provided like The Beatles became the most popular music act in the world. Further, he has described social, environmental, and physical factors that have a role in success. Decision making, natural intelligence, cultural differences play a great part in success. Moreover, he has discussed the 10,000-hour rule.


Being an expert and pro in something you should work ten thousand hours. This book was at the number one bestseller list of the New York Times. Besides, this was a more personal work of writer than a publication. He published his thesis with experiments and his own experience. This book appreciated by critics and reviewers. Outlier looks like an autobiography mixed with some thesis statements and his proves. This book published by Little, Brown, and the company on November 28, 2008.

Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian journalist, writer, and public speaker. his work mostly focuses on social sciences and tough topics for research. He takes weird topics for his books. Moreover, he is the founder of podcast company Pushkin Industries. He was a staff writer at The New Yorker. He has published six books on different topics his last book Talking to Stranger published in 2019. The most interesting fact about this is that he isn’t graduated.

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