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Measure what matters by John Doerr pdf free download is a business guide book. it was written by John Doerr an American businessman and investor. This book makes you able to learn how to calculate your profit and where to invest the most, fast growth, high aims, and excelling toward your goals. John Doerr invested almost 12 million dollars without any business plan and his business start-up was Google. He made OKRs and introduced them to the market.

Also, applied them to his business. From 1999 until now he has introduced OKRs to 50 plus companies. OKRS focus on how to become ambitious, what we seek, and achieve, and set up priority goals. screening of your requirements and arrange them in priority order. His start-up grew from 40 employees to 70,000 employees with a market cap of 600 million dollars. To become a successful businessman, you have to make tough decisions. Moreover, you have to take risks, and then the use of the mind is more important.


Further, in this OKRs are not defined clearly and this book is much more case than experiments. Every company has its methods to grow even you cannot apply them to your own company or business. This book has an almost 90 percent case study. You will get good information about ambitious people. If you want to know how silicon valley became a sensation within days you should read this book. somehow the Objectives and Key Results not mentioned clear and written in the title of the book.

John Doerr is an American capitalist and investor. He also a member of the president economic advisory board to help the government to fight against economic upturn. Moreover, according to Forbes, he is the 303rd richest person in the world 105th richest in America. In 2019 his total worth was 7.7 billion dollars.

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