Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink pdf free download. It is a leadership qualities-based book. this book was written by two navy sealers. They have shared their experiences in this book. Also, They were sent on a navy mission in Iraq to save the city. They learned how to win victories and lead from the front. Moreover, they learned the leadership at every level, a team fails or succeeds due to their qualities.

This book is not only for the military, the same rules could be applied to every field even in families. In fact, each chapter deals with a specific topic. Like as cover and move, decentralized command, explaining their position, discussing the psychology of others. Also, a strong narrative and with example makes us able to implement these principles everywhere. Further, business management and other challenges. Also, follow the rule lose or win. Moreover, after reading this book deeply we can conclude the strongest points of the book.

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A leader is always responsible for every outcome. Actually, leaders own every mistake. Figure out your priorities, this thing is very important that you should know which thing is more important and require immediate attention and which work could be delayed. This thing makes you capable to handle the real issues. You should be concise and clear about your goal and mission. Where you want to go and what is your destination. Moreover, a leader should build the confidence of his team members and the team should believe in the leader.

Also, make accountable yourself and eradicate your ego. So that you can move forward. The last chapter is a summary of the book. Jocko Willink is an American officer of the United States navy. He served the Seal team during the Iraq war. Moreover, he is a podcaster and author of different books.  

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