Wonder by RJ Palacio pdf free download is a funny novel. The story is about a ten years old boy August Bowmen known as Ogi. Ogi is a boy with unusual facial and genetic differences. He used to wear a helmet on his head to cover his face. His mother continues his homeschooling, but at the age of ten, she realized that it’s time to continue his real studies. Finally, he was admitted to a school in grade five in the school. Ogi wasn’t ready for this, he disturbs facing children and normal people in the real world.

But, deep down he wants to realize the normal life. The Director of the school Mr. Toshmen was a good person. He offers a group of students for Ogi so that he could feel comfortable. During this time some students accept him and want a friendship, but most students didn’t accept him and severely hate him. He grows in an environment of hate and love. August Bowmen experiences the best and the worst in the world. The story has different aspects, the writer also shares the story of his sister.

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She studies in a different school and she has only a single friend. Moreover, She loves her brother too much but she was obsessed that her parents always pay attention to her brother they don’t love her. She was close to her grandma and always used to sit with her on the beach. Her grandma has gifted her a neck chain. But, one day the friend goes to meet her parents, and on returning she doesn’t meet and reply to Ogi’s sister.

On the other hand, Ogi and his friend received a project of physics. They made a wonderful project because he was intelligent and won the best prize. This novel is a journey of Ogi in the school. On the day of end in school, he received the best boy of the badge award.

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