The Murder of Roger Ackroyd pdf free download is a fiction mystery novel written by an English author Agatha Christie. She is known for her sixty-six detective novels, and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is one of them. It is also added to the list of 1001 books to read before you die.

Plot of the book

The book’s story is set in a village named King’s Abbot, where a wealthy widow Mrs. Ferrars commits suicide. She confided to Ackroyd that someone for her husband’s murder blackmailed her. After a party at Ackroyd, he was murdered by someone from his collection weapon in his study. Inspector Hercule Poirot retired to the village, is invited to investigate the case. There are many characters suspects in the murder. The staff working in the house are also suspects. Hercule asks for the assisting of the village doctor, Dr. Sheppard. Following the steps and clues, they come to the end of the book, where the murderer is found.

Basic information


Different aspects of the investigation and further hidden clues are illustrated in detail that develops an interest in the reader. Despite the very huge and vast world and people in the book, it is easy for the reader to track the suspect and follow the storyline.

What book gives

This is one of the best mystery fiction books and one of the author’s most controversial books. The plot is very entertaining and intriguing, full of suspense, thrill, and drama. The mystery is very well described. The illustrations and tiny details are written in detail. The investigation and every aspect and step of it is explained very well. From the first page to the last page, the book gives the reader an experience to remember. A Murder of Roger Ackroyd is a fantastic mystery investigation book. Its thrilling and amazingly detailed storyline is recommended to everyone. You can get the ebook free pdf from here.