The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe pdf free download is a short story, red death that occurs due to plague. Then this book suggests how to avoid it. The story plots in the place of Prince Prospero, he and several other nobles hid in the walls abbey to save their lives. The disease was very cruel, it had swept out the land. It had the worst symptoms and the victim feels a sharp pain, sudden laziness, and dies within an hour.

Also, the body bleeds from the pores. Moreover, the elite of the city shut themselves behind the doors of safe to save themselves and waiting to get over with disease. They were living in luxury and safely enjoying life. One day the prince arranges a masque ball for his guests. They decorate different rooms with different color and then illuminated with the lights of colors. The last room in the row of six was color black and was illuminated.


When the party ends the price goes to the end of the room and he saw that their dead body and some masks statutes. He asks everyone to find the murder so that he could be hanged. But they found nothing. When they remove the masks out of bodies there was nothing. Instantly the price falls and dead, they realize that they all were exposed to the disease and they are becoming its victim one by one.

Thus, the story ends with the line” and darkness and decay, and the red death held illimitable dominion overall. Edgar Allen Poe was an American writer, poet, short story writer, and critic. Poe was born in Boston he is mainly known for his short stories and mystic poems. Moreover, he is the founder of detective fiction. He has written some detective novels.

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