The black cat by Edgar Allan Poe pdf free download is a short story published in 1843. This book is a story of psychology and guilt. The narrator told us that, from an early age he and his wife, love to have pets in their home, like birds, dogs, and cats. They had a beautiful black cat. The cat was and the narrator was a good friend and they were always loved each other. Moreover, their friendship lasts until the narrator became addicted to alcohol.

One day when he returns home intoxicated with alcohol and he feels that the cat was avoiding from his. But when he enters the home the cat comes to him and she bites on his hand. In this furry, he pulls out his knife from the pocket and pulls it through her eyes. This was a wave of revenge that he wants to take revenge from an animal.  After that, he brings the cat to a garden and ties a noose with her nick and hang it to the tree where she died. Moreover, on the night his home mysteriously catches fire.


The next day narrator comes home to see the ruins and then he finds the imprinted of a cat with a tree having a rope in her neck. He tries to think about it and then he realized that it was done by him. He then started to miss the Pluto. Moreover, he started to hate himself. The writer Edger Allan Poe was a famous American writer.

Moreover, he was a literary critic, poet, and author. He is mostly known for his poetry and short stories. He is also considered the founder of the detective fiction genre. In 1827 his 1st collection of poems was published named Tamerlane and Other Poems.

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