The fall of the house of Usher by Ellan Edgar Poe pdf download is a short story, that relates to the family, madness, and isolation. The narrator narrates the story he goes to the house of his friend Usher. The narrator notes that there was breaking on the roof. Moreover, Roderick was living with his twin sister Madeline. The narrator is impressed by the painting of Madeline.

She was ill and living with her brother. Madeline and her brother are the only living members of the Usher family. He lives with her, reads, and tells stories to her. To cheer up her mood he sings with guitar and also apricates her paintings. She sings the Haunted Palace with the narrator over the guitar. Later on, Rodrick tells the narrator that her sister died and he helps him to bury her body in the tomb in the backyard.


Then they lived there, and on the next night, there was a storm. Thus the Rodrick goes to the room of the narrator to open the window he was afraid of the storm. Then the narrator tells the story to calm down Rodrick, the story was based on the bravery of a knight and a dragon. To save himself from the storm the Knight hid in the palace and there were some weapons and he gets some of them to kill the dragon.

Suddenly, they hear a sound in the house. Rodrick says that these sounds are made by his sister and he says she was alive at that time. When he opens the door, she was standing there and suddenly falls upon her as there were two corpses in the room. Then the narrator leaves the house and from a distance, he watched that the whole house splits into two parts and sink into the lake.

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