Robinson Crusoe by Defoe pdf download is a novel. Crusoe is the narrator; he narrates the story of a hardworking young man. He usually ignores the advice of family and parents and left his house to fulfill his dreams, he goes to the sea to become a merchant and sailor. Then he visits the voyage and asks him to learn sailing the ship. Then he becomes a rich sailor and sails for Africa. One day he is captured and sent to slavery, he ends up escaping and hid in Brazil.

In Brazil, he starts a merchant and plantation. In this business he urges others to come with him, to plant the trees. Moreover, he urges people to a merchant to Guinea to buy the slaves and bring them to brazil. Thus, they sail to Guinea, in the Caribbean they encountered a storm and the whole ship is wrecked. He was the only survivor on the ship. Then he returns to brazil. There he meets with a group of his native people “Savages” who come there with captives and want to kill and eat them on the island.


They call them, but one of the captives group escapes, while he kills others who urge him to escape. Then after selling his plantation he moves to England and settles there. Then after years he thinks and wants to go back to his island so that he could watch the changes on the island after the Spanish took control. He writes his whole story from start to end and successfully publishes it in a journal.

Daniel Defoe was an English novelist, journalist, and author of many books. He was graduated from a renowned university, but he adopts sailing as his career and spends almost his whole life on it. His father wants to make him a priest. 

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