The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time pdf free download This is a story of a few boys named Christopher who lives together with his father in Swindon, England. Christopher features a behavioral disability, yet he’s very intelligent and observant and hopes to pass his advanced math exams. His father told him that his mother passed away due to a heart attack. So, he attends a special school for children with special needs. He wants to work out so, he begins writing during school in a notebook given by his teacher, Mrs. Siobhan. One day he comes to know that his mother is alive and dealing in London the news makes Christopher sick.

Christopher decides to run away and find his mother in London. He goes to the railway station, buys a ticket, and boards a train. A policeman sees him and tries to urge him off the train to leave the station. Then the policeman decides to escort Christopher off the train at the next stop to take him. However, Christopher manages to hide in the train ad eventually arrives in London. Christopher eventually gets to his mother`s house and his mother is surprised to see him.


He explains why he never wrote back and is invited to remain together with his mother and Mr. Shears. Christopher’s father arrives the next day they all argue over who Christopher with life with. Christopher chooses his mother then his father leaves. However, over a few days, his mother and Mr. Shear begin fighting. This leads to Christopher and his mother moving back to Swindon. Christopher and his mother move into a small apartment and Christopher spend some time with his father.

The author Mark Haddon an English novelist best known for the curious incident of the dog at night time. He won the award, guardian price, and commonwealth prizes for his work. Mark Haddon was raised by an architect. He received his education from Upping ham School and then went on to English Literature at Merton College, Oxford.

Even though this novel doesn’t directly reference autism, the book’s back cover originally described Christopher as someone with Asperger’s. Mark Haddon also admitted during a blog post that he didn’t do any research on autism. Which is why there has been such a lot of criticism towards the book.

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