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The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway review this novel expresses the mixed views of American and Britain’s it portrays the story of expatriates who traveled from France to another city to watch the bull and bullfights. It was published in 1927 and this novel got a mixed review from different experts of literature. According to the biographer of Hemingway, it is the finest work ever done by the writer.

The story starts with a boy named Jake whose sex ability is reduced due to the war wound. Moreover, he comes to a girl Brett Ashly. While Brett is also a divorced woman and having numerous love affairs. Brett also had an affair with Jake’s college friend and this makes him up to set and he broke up with her. So, upon this, he loses his good reputation in the college. Moreover, he was a good player in Ping Pong. Further, used to play table tennis in college.


The 2nd part of the book is about the arrival of Jake’s friend from New York. They go to a stream lake for fishing where they again meet with Brett and his fiancé Mike. At night they have a party and they drink to enjoy a lot there, watching bullfights and partying. Jake introduces Brett to a new boy at the hotel and she seduces him. The writer Ernest Hemingway was an American journalist, writer, novelist, and sportsman.

Hemingway has spent most of his childhood in Oak Park, Illinois. During world war 1 he joined the rescue as a volunteer and also served as an ambulance driver for a while. His literary work has a strong impact on the literature of the 20th century. He has written an adventurous style and his storytelling impressed many critics. He died in 1954 in a plane crash.

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