Louis Sachar was an elderly adult comic writer. He is best known for the Wayside High School series and novel Holes. Holes won the 1998 U.S. award. The National Book Award for Young People’s Literature and the 1999 Newbery Medal annually are “the most outstanding contribution to American children’s literature”. In 2013, it was ranked sixth in all children’s books in a survey released by the School Library Journal.

Holes are built around the combined issues of two settings (Camp Green Lake today, and Green Lake 110 years ago) and three families (the Yelnats family, the Zeroni family, and the Walker family). When convicted of theft by stealing shares donated by a generous heart, Stanley Yelnats is sentenced at Camp Green Lake. When Stanley arrives, the processing is immediate and the drill hole is used. He and the other guys have to dig a 5-foot-wide hole to “build their frame.”

Stanley became aware of some aspects of his new life at the same time: the fine formation of the camp, with the Warden at the top, Mr. Sir, and Mr. Pendanski as his immediate advisor; and then an informal but complex society of boys, each with their own nickname. Stanley is overweight and has a lot of trouble digging holes in the beginning, but eventually ends up getting used to it. If campers find anything exciting, they should notify the sheriff’s supervisor. When Stanley discovers a gold tube with the original “KB” symbol on the floor.

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He lets another boy, X-Ray, claim that he found it in his hole because X-Ray was earlier and the guy who finds something special gets a day off digging. This puts Stanley on the rise of illegal positions among the boys. He moves on when one of the boys (Magnet) steals Mr’s bag. Sir of Stanley takes the blame without getting the other boy in trouble. However, Stanley’s position among the boys is compromised when he begins teaching a boy named Zero how to read and then Zero begins to dig a part of Stanley’s hole in retaliation.

This leads to conflicts. The other boys make fun of him, and then Zigzag begins to pick Stanley up. Mr. Pendanski urges Stanley to stand up for himself, and violence erupts. Zero defends Stanley but then escapes to the desert. Gone are the days. A new boy named Twitch is coming to the campaign to replace Zero. Twitch stole cars while on earth, and this gives Stanley the impression that he had stolen a water truck and headed out in search of Zero.

The hole is a myth about the past and how it affects the current lives of at least three people. One of them I will name, the other two are mysteries and will always be so. The hole is a story about Stanley Yelnats IV. He doesn’t care about health. Unsurprisingly it actually makes a mark on the men of the majority of Yelnats men and has since exploited Stanley IV `no dirty-rotten-pork-great-great-great. ‘Those particular acts cursed family men many times.

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