Diary of Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney pdf free download is a series of fiction books all the books are a diary of main character Gregg Hefley all the books filled with simple drawings of Gregg’s daily adventures. The 1st version released in 2004 and it got too many positive reviews. So, until now in 2023 a total of 220 million copies sold out. Moreover, the 4th, 6th, and 9th editions adapted to film by the 20th-century fox.

The idea of a wimpy kid came into the mind of Kinney when WEAKLING named Gregg Hefley who wrote up about his personal life. In 2004 he published an online version of this book. Within a year this website got too much traffic. Moreover, before publishing this book he worked this on this for 8 years and then brought it to the publisher in New York. Further in 2006 during New York, Comic-Con jeff signed multi-book projects with publisher Harry N Abraham, Inc in this way this book turned into a printed version.

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Gregg Hefley is a middle school Protagonist and cartoonist. In this book, he explains his lifestyle and his daily life adventures. Moreover, he introduces his family and his brother Rodrik and his mother his brother was fond of playing games and to pick him up. Near Halloween Gregg and told his father that he had a business. He with Rowley start to sell something on the event and gain a profit of two dollars.

Gregg fails the test of geography when a girl catches him cheating during the test moreover, at the home his mother forces him to audition in a school play. Jeff Kinney is an American cartoonist, author, and footballer. He was born in Washington Maryland. Also, he joined the University of Maryland and created a comic strip.

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