One night in November 1910, the train left New Jersey heading south. The high-speed rail on the last line of the train handled the last six figures. That had arrived at the station separately and was subject to strict orders to use only their names, even with each other. Also, the train dropped from this train from Raleigh, North Carolina, to another train to Brunswick, Georgia, where it was just a short train to Jekyll Island.


The island belonged to a financier J.P. Morgan; and the tourists – the senator, assistant secretary of the US Treasury. The owners of the four banks – represented 25% of the world’s wealth at the time. Moreover, the group met in a conspiracy with the formation of a five-goal bank: “stop the growing competition in the nation’s new banks; find a franchise to create money for nothing … “and” regulate the reserves of all banks so that disregard can be disclosed to the livestock and banking operations.

Find the taxpayer to bear the unavoidable loss of the cart, and to convince Congress that the purpose was to protect the public”. This book will consume your thoughts and think that long the page has been turned. It will help you understand the Federal Reserve System – but more importantly, it will change how you view money forever. Although the book is large in size (608 pages), it’s wonderful to read. Griffin’s writing is clear and compelling, rather than dry narration concerned with jargon. The book almost reads like a mystery novel.

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