Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data pdf free download is a nonfiction business book written by best-selling author Charles Wheelan. A perfect book to understand the concepts and logic of statistics and how it works and helps.

What the book contains

The book is divided into four main parts that are introduction, chapters, conclusion, and appendix. The introduction contains every piece of information related to statistics. The author tried to explain why he hated calculus and loved statistics with some reasons.

There are thirteen chapters. The chapters contain explained and detailed information about some of the statistical central and main pillars and concepts applied in essential fields of our ordinary life. The author has used some typical examples from our daily lives to explain statistics and statistical techniques.

In conclusion, after chapters, the author explains five questions to explain further how the previously studied concepts, rules, and techniques help people in daily life, which explains the importance of statistics.

In the last part appendix, the author has explained some statistical software used to calculate and implement statistical techniques and concepts.

Writing and layout of the book


Naked statistics is one of the most well-written scientific and statistical concepts books in the world. With so much information in it, the book explains the primary and main statistical concepts. The language of the book is easy and simple that Is understandable for the reader. The concepts are very easily written where things are explained and described in detail. The chapters give every tiny bit of essential information regarding statistics.

The illustrations in the form of graphs and diagrams are presented and drawn in different places to explain the concepts that help the reader to understand better. The book is very engaging that the reader finds it exciting and reads with keen interest.

One of the most incredible statistics books for the people who want to study statistics, why it is studied, and how statistics are used in everything in humans daily life and work. You can get ebook pdf free from here.