Design and what the book contains

The book is divided into four chapters. Each chapter represents and describes related rules and sources for this setting separately.

Chapter number one extensively describes the rich history and the background of the massive, fascinating, and glorious land of Tal’Dorei. The first chapter also gives a vast view of the different creatures, characters, and races residing in the plains, valleys, and mountains on this precious land. The societies, cities, and towns with bustling streets and happy, cheerful distinctive living beings are also explained in detail, ultimately creating an idea of the authors ming and thinking power.

On the other hand, the second chapter shows an extensive and detailed image of the Tal’Dorei itself. The impressive plains, the vast fertile valleys, and the different mountain ranges with mountains rising into the clouds. This chapter shares the geographical appearance of the setting.


The third chapter shows the reader the different characters from different races of Tal’Dorei. The player, the reader, wants to choose from the blood domains. The chapter also tells about the background of these races and characteristics that help the reader find the perfect player for the use if he wants to play the game.

Chapter number four talks about the allies and friends in the fictional world of Tal’Dorei. This helps the player who is playing the game to look at the beings residing in the vast plains and valleys and mountains.

Illustrations in the book

The illustrations used in the book are unique and stunning. The illustrations help the reader get a better view of what he is reading, and they ultimately increase the reader’s experience by providing extra fun. You can get ebook pdf free from here.