All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr pdf free download is a war novel. The story set in France during world war II. When a French blind girl and German boy met with each other. The novel won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2015. Moreover, it has won the Andrew Carnegie Medal for excellence in fiction. The novel very fine piece of literature, the growth of every character is good enough.

A six years old girl Laura from Paris, she lives with her father. Her father constructs a visualizer for her to detect the way. on the day when Germany overtake France. They moved to the coastal areas with their uncle. On the other hand, a boy named Warner from Germany an eight years old guy. Who has special skills in technology, and was an expert in radios? One day he finds and defective radio with her sister and repairs it. Most of the time he listens to science and music programs on the radio.


Warner was a bright student and he takes his place in the school. But, the school management Wants to drop him from school because they were scared of the technical skills they put his birthday wrong and prove him to be over-aged. He is an orphan child and lives in coal mining. During the great war, he got dumped in a cave near the coastal area where he survives without water and food just listen to podcasts of Laura.

Meanwhile, Laura describes this story at the age of 82 years with her grandsons. Anthony Doerr is an American novelist and fiction writer. he recognized around the globe due to his noel “all the light we cannot see.” Also, this is an award-winning novel. Moreover, he is a columnist on science books for the magazine The Boston Globe.