12 Angry Man by Reginald Rose pdf free download is a courtroom drama. It is a story of a 12 men Jury who deliberate the conviction of 18 years old defendant on reasonable doubt. The jury in the courtroom of New York County Courthouse, jury prepares to deliberate a case of 18 years old boy accused of killing his father. The judge instructs them that if there is any reasonable doubt, the jurors will return to no guilty. If he is found guilty then the boy will be sentenced to death.

And the verdict will be unanimous. The boy has a violent past. A neighbor testified that he has killed his father she has seen him through her window. Moreover, another neighbor testified that he was threatening his father that he will kill him, also he heard the sound of hitting the body to the ground. Also, from a peephole, he saw that he was running. Moreover, he purchased a switchable knife a few days ago that was found in the place of murder.

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But the case was fingerprint clean, also the verdict claimed that his knife was lost. At the start, the juror 7 decided to sentence him guilty. But, the juror 8 didn’t agree with him. And he said there is reasonable doubt, that someone can copy that knife from his pocket. So, there should be some more research and then the final verdict will be given. So, the other jurors also agree with him, but the juror 4 threat to juror 8 that he will kill him.

After an investigation, the juror 3 says that he found the boy no-guilty. Also, juror 8 helped him and declared the boy no-guilty and the other jurors left the courthouse. In the end juror 8 and juror, 9 introduced themselves by names. This drama was adopted as a film in 1957 directed by Sidney Lumet.

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