Wonder pdf free download is a fiction novel for children written by an American author R. J. Palacio. The book was on The New York Times Best Seller list. It also won awards, including Maine Student Book Award, Junior Young Reader’s Choice Award, and many more.

Introduction of book

According to the author, she began writing the book after an incident when her son saw a girl with a severe facial difference and started crying. The author worsened the situation. She was inspired by Natalie Merchant’s song wonder and named the book wonder.

Plot and story

Source: scholastic.com

The book is about a boy with severe facial differences named August. He was homeschooled till 4th. Now, when his parents want him to study in school where he is bullied by some children some scream and cry. The book is mainly based on his experience in the 5th grade. The story is described from different children’s perspective showing how children think, talk, and behave differently.


The plot of the book is very unusual that gives its reader an incredible experience. The storyline told in the book is very well written and presented. The story inspired by a real incident is amazingly described in a fictional way. The design and illustrations in the book are fascinating. This creates an emotional relationship between the book and the reader. The reader reads with interest that gives him an amazing experience.

This is one of the best fictional books for children. The book and some lessons also show the harsh reality of society, how children are bullied and harassed in schools and by fellow students. The representation of the present-day society is well picturized. This book also shows how society treats extraordinary children. The author has also illustrated how this affects the health of children.

This book is recommended not only to the children but also to everyone else. You can get the ebook free pdf from here.