Voynich Manuscript pdf free download is a historical piece of art written by an unknown author. The origin of the book is in Austria and or northern Italy. The book was written in the 15th century. The book is named Voynich Manuscript because a polish book dealer Wilfrid Voynich purchased it in 1912. It is an amazingly illustrated and written codex. The manuscript has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers from world war one and world war two. The book has gone through many captivities in history as those people kept the book and tried to study and explain this manuscript.

Basic Information

This codex is extensively and heavily illustrated with different amazing images. The codex is written in a language that is not present in the present-day languages. Along With this, some German and Latin words can also be found in the book. The book contains many illustrations, diagrams, pictures, and images that are the specialty of this codex.

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The codex was handwritten, and all the illustrations were hand-drawn. Because the manuscript is ancient, the graphics are quite blurry yet super fascinating to look at. The book is a masterpiece that contains unmatchable and unbeatable work done in that time of the world. The manuscript shows a glimpse of the amount of energy, time, and knowledge in creating this manuscript.

Design of book

The codex is one of the best-illustrated manuscripts in the world. The illustrations and diagrams in the book are amazingly detailed that gives the reader a fantastic experience. The book also provides the reader with an image of the historical writing style how amazingly detailed illustrations were drawn in the past.

The book will be a special edition in the library of people who love historical art pieces like the Voynich manuscript. The number of illustrations in the book is worth viewing. You can get the ebook pdf free from here.