The War of Art pdf free download is a nonfiction self-help book by an American author Seven Pressfield. The book is about how resistance becomes a major barrier in the way of someone and how it can be controlled and overcome.


The war of art is very useful self-help, inspirational, and motivational book. The book’s primary purpose is to help people facing resistance in achieving their goals. Those people can be athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, dancers, singers, painters, photographers, and others trying to break through creative barriers. The author emphasizes work. According to him, sitting down daily and trying passion and the thing you love every day. To achieve your goal and fulfill your dreams, you should work on it to achieve it daily.

As the book title, the war of art tells that being an artist and achieving your ultimate goal and dreams isn’t easy. It is just like a war, and you have to fight it and win it but not with weapons but with tools and hard work. With all the hard work, you also need to face rejections, judgments, criticism, and failures that will lead to your dreams.

What the book gives


The book contains some really useful tips and tricks and important pieces of advice. When followed by the reader, this advice and tips will lead him to his ultimate goal and dream. The author had used himself as an example to explain different tips and tricks for achieving goals. By seeing them as inspiration and motivation, you can do and be what you are dreaming of for years.

Design of the book

The design of the book is simple yet exciting. The amount of detail and useful information is in perfect balance that gives the reader what he came here for.

The book is recommended to everyone who’s trying to achieve their goals and feel vulnerable. They need to read this book once. You can get the ebook free pdf from here.