The story told in the story is about two friends, Lennie and George, wandering in California for work and a dream of having their place with animals to be raised. Lennie, who is big and robust but mentally damaged, wants to raise rabbits as he loves touching and petting soft animals. There are loads of problems waiting for them to test their friendship and patience. One after another, trouble is at the corner for them to try them.

The author has described some fundamental aspects of daily human life. How he handles it and how he reacts, and what the outcomes are. The author has written this novella on his personal experience by working with the migrant workers. Thus, describing it in this novella. The real-life incidents are explained in a fictional style.


The book is very well written. The story described in the book is very intriguing that creates an emotional relationship with the reader. The plot is engaging that gives the reader a mesmerizing experience that he always remembers. The illustrations and incidents in the book are near to real as they are based on the author’s own experience.

The book is the only of its kind. With its tragic ending, this book also gives some fantastic scenes and incidents to the reader. This book is a must-read that shows its readers friendship, agony, dreams, human kindness, and racism. The book will give you a mouthful of entertainment with loads of fun, thrill, action, and tense suspense. You can get the ebook free pdf from here.