King Lear pdf free download is a tragic drama written by one of the world’s most celebrated English writers William Shakespeare. King Lear is a tragic play. The play is inspired by a legend, lear king of Britain. The play describes how a person can become wise when he gets old or naive and can make foolish decisions.

What the book gives

The play is written on a king in classic Britain before the birth of Christ when people used to worship many gods and goddesses. With the fear of control over the kingdom in old age, the king has no stamina physically and mentally to control the empire. The other problem for the king is that he has no son but three daughters. Goneril, Regan are both mean, manipulative, and jealous. Who hate each other and fake love for father. The youngest daughter, Cordelia the sweetest and true daughter who loves father as a true daughter loves him. With low mentality and less thinking, the king divides the kingdom among his daughters, leading to unhealthy and disturbing results for the king.

Plot and design



The plot and the play’s story are astonishing and entertaining, giving the reader a fantastic experience. Different life aspects, daily struggles, and decision-making can lead to problems and chaos. The play is very engaging and intriguing that keeps the readers interest in reading. The story creates an emotional connection with the reader. The illustrations are very well described that make fascinating images in the reader’s mind.

King Lear is among Shakespeare’s best plays that give the reader an experience to remember and remain in his unconscious. From the devastation and pain to someone’s helplessness creates imagination and gives an idea for how negative things can affect people mentally and emotionally. This play with the intensity of pain can provide that to the reader. You can get ebook pdf free from here.