Kindred pdf free download is a science fiction novel written by a recipient of both Nebula and Hugo awards and American author Octavia E. Butler. The book is about a young twenty-six-year-old woman who is a writer in California. She goes unexpectedly back in time to somewhere in Maryland, where she saves a white drowning boy and experiences some regrettable events through her journey.


The book is written to describe the old and backward American society. A society full of hatred, slavery, racism, violence, and racial discrimination.

About the plot


The book shows some fantastic scenes of a writer named dana going back in time and saving a white boy named Rufus from drowning. Rufus turns out to be her ancestor. She keeps going back in time and coming back from there. As she continues going back and forth, time passes by. She tries to keep Rufus out of trouble to let her family tree bloom, but troubles are always at the corner. She sees him grow and have kids who’ll become a part of dana’s family.


The layout and design of the book are fascinating. The way the story is written gives the reader an experience that he can always remember. The illustrations of the story’s happenings are so well done that they describe a perfect image of those events and incidents in readers’ minds. The writing style of the book is unique that develops an interest for the reader to read.

What the book gives

The book takes its reader through a mesmerizing ride of unfortunate events full of thrill, horror, suspense, hatred, love, care, and violence that he will always remember in his unconscious. The book also describes the old, ugly, and chaotic American society.

The book is a must-read for everyone. It contains so much in it that the more you read, the better it gets. You can get the ebook pdf free from here.