Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue Book 1 pdf free download is a self-help and non-fiction book by Neale Donald Walsch. Book 1 is the first book in the Conversation with God, a sequence of books by the author. The book is written in a way that the author asks questions, and God answers. This book is one of The New York Times Best Seller List. Walsch wrote this book from some questions he wrote in anger during his low period of life. He got his answers appearing in his mind and started writing questions.

This is a book that refreshes someone’s soul deeply. Restores the reader’s faith in God and strengthens the present faith. The book describes the author and God’s relation and how he can keep that relationship alive. The book helps the reader open his mind and his soul. It also helps the reader understand how significant the presence of God in life is. How important it is to keep this spiritual bond of a human and God.

The author described his way of seeing God in his life and how that has changed his life. The author has kept things straightforward and wants the reader to understand his perspective through his way he sees it.


The design and setting of the book are unique and mesmerizing. The book is written in the author’s unique way representing the author’s way of thinking and presenting things. The writing style is straightforward that the reader can easily understand the author’s point of view. That helps the reader to understand better what the author wants to say or see.

The book is worth reading. It is recommended to the people who think their souls need to be shaken. This spiritual self-help book will give you a fresh bath for a new beginning or restore your soul. You can get ebook pdf free from here.