Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself pdf free download is a self-help and nonfiction book written by Melody Beattie. The book describes codependency in detail. How this happens, how this can be controlled, what a person should do for the future, and how to stay away from such stuff.

This book is all about self-care and depending on own self. The book teaches codependency in detail. The symptoms of codependency are very well explained. A person wants recognition of himself for relationships to impress his partner. He always tries to put everyone first because he thinks they will leave him if he did not do this. He is still afraid of being alone and lonely. One feels ashamed when he puts his-self first before anyone. He always lacks emotions, has no confidence, and does not trust himself and others.

All this ultimately leads one to depend on others and live a sad life in depression and loneliness. The author has described every aspect of codependency in detail. He has also explained to overcome this, along with some beneficial advice and tips for the reader.


The book is written in detail. The topics are very well described and explained. The book’s setting is straightforward and simple, which makes it easy to understand for the reader. The details and explanation help the reader better understand. This creates an emotional connection of the book with the reader. The reader feels emotionally and mentally connected to the book, understands all the things described better, and implements them right away.

The book is recommended to everyone who wants to change the way they live, end their suffering, and live a real, happy, and peaceful life. The people can also read this for future precautions and can stay away from the stuff that can harm you in any way. You can get the ebook free pdf from here.