When Clary finds she’s part of shadow hunters, people who kill demons. She learns that all those fantasy creatures like vampires, demons, and werewolves are more than real. She needs to know everything and practice more and increase her power to fail valentine. Valentine was the most powerful and ruthless shadow hunter years ago. He created a circle to clean the world with demons and other creatures, whether good or bad. Valentine thought their presence itself was enough of a crime. Now, when he’s back after seventeen years to finish what he started seventeen years ago, clary and her friends and fellow shadow hunters need to stop him.

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The plot and the book’s story are fascinating that takes its readers through a ride they always remember. The fictional inspired the real-world sparks the reader’s sleeping imagination. The setting of the book is unique that can pull any reader to read it. The writing style of the book is mesmerizing. The illustrations and an image of the fantasy world described in the book are excellent, developing an emotional relationship with the reader, and he understands better. The book gives the reader a fantastic experience.

The book is a masterpiece in itself. The writing, plot, story, and events are worth reading. It is recommended to everyone who wants to go on a fantastic ride full of mesmerizing events and packed with thrill, drama, and action. You can get the ebook free pdf from here.