A Thousand Splendid Suns pdf free download is a fictional drama novel written by Afghan American author Khaled Hosseini. The book remained at number one on New York Times bestseller list for fifteen weeks after its release. A thousand splendid suns is written against the author’s best-selling debut book “The Kite Runner.” The book’s story is represented as a mother-daughter story like the latter one’s father-son story. The novel is a heartbreaking, sad story influenced by the thirty years of Afghanistan’s struggle to rise from Soviet invasion to Taliban rule. The story runs in this eras with some unfortunate events.

Basic Information

The book is based on two Afghan women named Mariam and Laila trying to live a happy life in Afghanistan. Mariam goes through extreme physical violence and hardships in life. The author beautifully and perfectly describes the roles and difficulties of women in Afghan society. How women are forced and beaten but still, they fight and stand firm. This makes an emotional relationship with the reader’s mind that he goes through those events and experiences them as the book’s characters.

Layout and style

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The book is very well written. The writing style of the author is unique that keeps the reader engaged in the novel and storyline. The amount of thrill, fun, and drama in the book is matchless. The amount of adventure and entertainment in the book is beyond expectations. The book represents the real Afghanistan and how people lived in it during significant life-changing years and events. They used two women to tell this.

The book is packed with drama, romance, love, friendship, relationship, war, thrill, and unfortunate events that give its readers a fantastic journey that he will remember in his unconscious. The novel is recommended to those who want the spice of love, war, and drama together. The book gives its readers what he came here for. You can get the ebook pdf free from here.