A Farewell to Arms pdf free download is a classic-fiction and romantic novel written by American author Ernest Hemingway. The book covers a fictional story of World War 1, where Lieutenant Fredrick Henry serving as an ambulance driver in the Italian army, falls in love with a nurse Catherine Barkley.

The novel may be named the war, but it describes that war is boring. However, the story covers the horrors of war and fights to happen in some areas of Italy. In the horrific war, the ambulance driver falls in love with a nurse at a hospital. The novel describes the lusty love story between the two main characters of the book. The author has shown Catherine as a lusty and thirsty woman.

The novel very beautifully describes the scenes of a horrific war. The struggle and the working of soldiers, army, hospitals, nurses, doctors, and civilians are very well illustrated that it shows a clear image of the scenes and happenings in the reader’s eyes.

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The author has used great words in the novel that perfectly describe the impressions in the novel that help the reader better understand the characters’ feelings. It engages the reader in the story and makes an emotional connection with the reader.

The setting and the writing of the book is very intriguing. Everything is very well written that quickly catches the reader’s attention and makes him read with keen interest. The dialogues in the novel are palatable and exciting that gives the reader a fantastic experience to remember.

It is a great novel that describes love can conquer the world. In between the horrors of a destructive war, people can find peace in love during such difficult times of war. It is recommended to people who are interested in romantic, action, and fiction novels. It’s because it gives you all that they came for.