Why Does He Do That? pdf download free is an amazing nonfiction and self-help book. With real-life incidents from abusers and victims, the author explains why this happens and what should be done. The problem and reasons behind abusers’ abuses are very well explained.

The writer has added examples of some abusers and victims of abuses that he has met in his career. He tells myths of why people are abusers because of use of alcohol, mental illness, they learned from their father, they don’t how to express emotions, and they were abused themselves. They are abusers because they want to hurt their partner and they don’t care about them and their partner’s emotions and feelings.

The author very clearly describes how someone is brainwashed that women are a toy to use and men owns women and are never told to respect partner’s feelings and understand their emotions and values. This is harsh and dark reality of our liberal society. You also can get writing experience from MyCustomEssay experts to describe the book mentioned in the article. Of course, it also can help to convey frightening impressions to your readers.

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The book contains some advises and strategies for how to tackle such actions and how to safely escape the situation. On the other hand the author says the only solution for this situation is to leave your abusive partner. To some extent and earlier control can have good result. Taking abusers to therapists does not have good result either. Sexual assault and violence is also discussed and described in detail. 

The book is very helpful for the people facing abuses and survivors of any kind of abusive relationship for future cautions. This eye opening book is recommended to anyone who wants to educate themselves about abusive actions. How they can be controlled. Why and because of whom a partner becomes so violent.

The book is straightforward. Everything is simple and easy to read. Anyone can understand the issues discussed in the book.