The Son of Sobek by Rick Riordan pdf free download is a short story, in this story, he investigates the rumor of a monster. People spread different stories about this monster on long island. After days, he goes to long island to investigate, he was on the boat with some freaks but in the end, it leaves him and Carter alone to drive the boat in the water. Suddenly, a big monster type crocodile comes up and swallowed him.

In the belly of the crocodile, he thinks to use the power theory. After a few time hours, the crocodile spits him on the shore. Where he looks at a teenager in the camp near him. He helped him to get out for the crocodile. That boy was wearing a yellow shirt and has a sword in his hand. It looks like a two-sided blade of bronze color. He tried to recognize him but can’t. So, he assumes him as an Un-Egyptian.


So, Percy takes Carter to say thanks but he was embarrassed in front of him. Further, the got angry over an argument. Percy was thinking of that monster as Carter’s pet. But he thinks that he should belong to Aries and should be half-blooded. After some arguments, they start fighting. Percy uses his sword and Carter defends himself but can’t attack back due to his grip on sword skills.

So, in the end, he uses some magic trick to tie to the sword. I this break Percy says that you should be half-blooded. Otherwise, my sword should have killed you. This book has sequels. Rick Riordan is an American author who is known for this short story. Riordan is a famous author as his books are translated into 42 languages in the world and 20 million copies were sold in the USA.

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