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The House of Hades by Rick Riordan pdf free download is a fantasy adventure novel. This book is based on Greek and Roman methodology. This book was published on October 8, 2013. Moreover, this is the fourth book in the series of The Heroes of Olympus. It is a tale of good vs evil. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are the main characters of the novel. At the start of the book, they are separated from reach others.

It is noted that Tartarus is as deity-like earth water and time. Also, Tartarus is the husband of Gaea and the father of all the giants living in the underworld. Percy and Annabeth have two allies along the way. One out of these is a titan and the other is a giant, these are both named Bob and Damson respectively. Damson fights with the god Tartarus and Bob faces an army of monsters with his only cat. Further, these other mini gods fight with giants in Greece.


The book was reviewed positively by many journals and writers. A detailed article published in the magazine The Guardian. Moreover, this book is a sequel to The Mark of Athena. Almost, 30,000 copies were sold in this book. It was listed into the list of bestseller books of New York Times, The Globe and Mail. Rick Riordan is an American writer; his best publications are Percy Jackson and the Olympians. He was born in San Antonio, Texas. Moreover, he graduated from Alamo Heights School.

After that he joined North Texas State University to learn guitar, he is a famous guitarist. Later on, he moved to the University of Texas Austin and studied English and history. Further, he started teaching English and history at Presidio High School. Moreover, he won the award of Shamus Anthony and Edgar awards. He is the founder of The Heroes of Olympus Series. 

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