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Summary: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte pdf free download is a romantic novel. Although, some critics consider it an exploration of evil and abuse. Catharine and Heathcliff are the main characters of the novel, they both are passionate about each other but also, they have an immoral relationship. The writer wants to create confusion in the reader’s mind in the first half of the story she focused on their love.

Moreover, the writer says that this type of relationship is against our social norms and culture. Early in the novel, Hareton is illiterate and brutal. But over time with Catharine, he learns to read and become a loyal friend of her. They both spy on Edger and on his sister where they go and their activities. But after a year Edger’s wife died after giving birth to a child. Catharine and Edger lock up Heathcliff and she got engaged with Edger.

In the cell, Heathcliff vows to revenge. Catharine ensures nelly that she still loves Heathcliff but she can’t marry him because he is poor and has low social status, as he was a servant to her. After two years they both get married and Heathcliff returns a healthy and wealthy gentleman. He makes a relationship with Isabela and has given birth to a boy Linton. On the other hand, the Edger leaves Catherine alone with pregnancy.

She dies after giving birth to a baby girl. Uncle Edger takes care of both children and when they are fully grown, they develop a relationship and got married but Linton died and Cathi has no option without living in Wuthering Heights, here Nelly’s story ends. Emily Bronte was an English novelist and poet. This is her famous novel of classic English literature. She belonged to an Irish family and died on 19 December 1847.

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